A09 Mini Personal GPS Tracker 

Rs. 3,999.00
  • GPS+WIFI+LBS positioning Allow the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically

  • IPX5 waterproof Water-resistant case to ensure stable operation in tough environment

  • SOS call & Speed-dial Thumb sized button allowing urgent call during an emergency case

  • Geo-fence alarm Create geofences in circle or rectangle for key locations

The new device A9 mini GPS Tracker It is a small device that allows real-time tracking of People, pets or cars And saves the location history of the past 30 days, Box contains a tweezer to insert the Micro SIM And a USB cable that will be used to charge the unit Plus a manual with few information of the product,The A9 has a unique Power/SOS button to turn ON and to Call SOS
  • Voice Monitoring Listen To The Surroundings by Sending The Text Message
  • Low battery alarm A warning will sent by Email or SMS when low battery occurs
  • Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web Reports location in real time through different interfaces

IPX5 waterproof

Two Way Audio


Low Battery Alarm

30 - days money back guarantee

Lightweight GPS Tracker

Voice Monitoring

More Accurate Positioning


WiFi Positioning

Most GPS Tracket only have GPS and AGPS positioning, and a few have WiFi positioning. WiFi positioning is the assisted positioning,which can link automatically in WiFi. Latest  WiFi positioning enables the kids to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly.


Protect Your Loved Ones


SOS Emergency Calling

In emergent case, press the SOS button for over 3 seconds.Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset SOS numbers and then dial the numbers in 3 circles until the call is picked up. Alarm message will also be sent to platform.

    one key for help

emergenty - Copy.PNG

Low Battery Alarm

The built-in battery can charge one hour,then use for about 3 to 5 days. When the battery is less than 5%,it will send SMS:“Attention! The built-in battery is low!”to SOS numbers.


IPX5 Waterproof

The Qbit have high precision shell to ensure stable operation in tough environment. It is not only not afraid of dust, but also don't worry about being splashed by water.

Prevent Dust & Water


Clear Two-way Audio

We can use our mobile phone (pre-set SOS number) to dial the device. When connection successful, our Qbit will beep and glows green. Then press the SOS button to answer the phone.

Talk & Listen

twowaycalling - Copy.PNG

Auto-mute Mode

In order to give children a more comfortable school environment, we can set the time interval by APP or platform. In this period,any calling or SOS will be out of action. By this way,to ensure the normal order of school.

No Disturbing


Voice Monitoring

For voice monitoring,please send “ MONITOR# ” to the device by the phone with SOS number, the device will reply “OK” and call the SOS number. After the call connected,voice monitoring function will be activated and the SOS number can hear the sound around the device.

Sound Recording


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