3 Important Principles For Your Child Safety You Should Know

The three important principles for your child safety are as follows:

#1 Sleep Safety

  • A child should sleep on their back. Since 1992, when a formal proposal changed from “be asleep on the stomach“ to ”be asleep on the back," the mortality rate from SIDS( sudden infant death syndrome) in the countries of Western Europe has lessened by 3 times.

  • Quilted covers with lace can obstruct the child’s respiratory tract during sleep. A tough mattress and tight elastic fitted bed clothes are all you require.

  • A sleeping child should be free from mufflers, clothes, caps with ties, aprons, pacifiers, or toys with ropes.

#2 Fall and Injury Prevention

  • Put in your home certified safety gates. When it is for staircases, they should be used both at the top and the bottom.

  • Always buckle your child when utilizing high chairs or carriers. When letting your child into the carrier, set it on the ground, not on a table, chair or other furniture.

  • If your child walk around the home in a baby walker, look that they remain away from stairs, heating gadgets, and hanging wires.

  • Make sure to attach reliable fixing of furniture and any other stuffs that can tip and fall.

#3 Cycling

  • If you purchased a bicycle for your child or roller skates, or scooter, ensure that you purchase a helmet as well as it’s the only efficient protection against brain injury.

  • Before your child goes for a ride, check whether the cycle is working properly, how the brakes and gears function, and the wheel shapes.

  • If your child is riding a bicycle for long distances, you can use variety of gps trackers like qbit to track your child and also do many more things.

I hope the above points are helpful for your child's safety. For more child safety innovative devices, you can visit here.

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